Health benefits of birch sap

Birch SAP is It is not only a delicious natural product of nature but also a rich source of nutrients.

Due to its beneficial properties, is a remedy for many diseases. It is used for cough and sore throat, headaches, diseases of the joints. Birch SAP – one of the best remedies that help improve the metabolism and functioning of the stomach.

Birch sap is not only a tonic and restorative means that will relieve of chronic fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy, but also is a natural diet drink.

How we extract birch water?

Birch SAP is a clear liquid (SAP) arising from the broken and cut branches and trunks of birch under the action of root-pressure. Allocation of juice begins in spring and continues until Bud break, and the collection of birch SAP begins in April and continues through May.

Why choose birch water from Domir

  • Our Birch SAP is manufactured on certified production in Belarus from natural raw materials or of juice-semi-finished natural birch canned aseptically with sugar and citric acid, hermetically sealed and sterilized.
  • Birch juice from Domir is produced only from old trees with the observance of all stages of the process!
  • The products comply with the state standards CTБ 962-95
  • The international quality management system at the enterprise ISO 9001

What about packaging?

Storage of juice is only used glass containers, since it is environmentally friendly and does not react with the juice, allowing you to keep it clean taste and useful properties.

We also supply natural Berry Jams

Made of fruits and berries or their mixture with sugar, hermetically-sealed and sterilized. Only natural ingredients, contain no dyes and fragrances.

  • Blueberries
  • Cranberry
  • Currant

We can offer additional services to our partners:

Production of labels with your brand
Change volume, shape, material and design of the bottles,
Supplement the product line with new flavors that will be in demand in your market,
Obtaining and delivering certificates, diplomas and other documents confirming the quality of products.